Day “3” sort of

Ah,,,,what a day it has been. A really meaningful relationship ended today. It’s difficult.

Onto the Happy!!!

I haven’t eaten any bread or ice cream or soda. I know I know,,,Ella, it’s only been 4 days…. SO WHAT! That’s such a challenge and i’ve been so tempted!! But i haven’t given up. At the end of this month I’m quitting my gym because i’ve not been using it. I’m also switching over to At&t! I’m getting an Iphone 4. Yes, i know what you are thinking. WHAT!? why not wait for the 5th generation? Well basically,,,because i don’t want to.hahaha.

This week should be really tough, but i know i can get through it with Jesus’ help.

A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Dun Dun Da Dun!!!! FRIENDS~


Note: Why is Rachel the only one in the sheets???

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