Day two,2,too,to,tu,투

So yesterday I thought I did really good with my Calories. I’m aiming at 1,400-1,450. However, I had a small butterfinger snickers blizzard made with chocolate ice cream. This is bad in two ways. Number 1. it’s over 670 calories( I don’t even know the calorie count because I got a weird combination). And Number 2 because I’m lactose intolerant. I’m pretty sure I did the 30 days thing promise AFTER I ate the ice cream. Also there has been a change, instead of TOTALLY cutting out bread, I’m just going to drastically reduce how much i eat it and be conscious of when I eat it. I know I can conquer my mind and my body, I can taste it. I just have to look at every day in a new way. I also have to conquer the gym and see it in a new light. I’m paying $49 a month and I haven’t been going much!! Homework and school are stressful and when I’m not doing anything I just want to sleep or watch a movie. I think maybe I should quit the gym next month. I think that it’s not working and even though I’m giving them my hard working money, I don’t have any motivation to go. I think that i just need to focus on one step of my health and get firmly situated in that and THEN I can go onto something else. Of course I will do all the activities I can and I will try to do videos at home like Hip Hop Abs, which is AWESOME. But for now, i need to slow down and do things one at a time.

Wow, Finding stuff out about yourself is really interesting and fun!! Anyways, onto my Day.


A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

This is Christin, She’s been my best friend since Sophomore year of high school, so for about….5 or 6 years, we’ve actually known each other for 9 years but we weren’t that close. I really don’t know what i would do without her. She is there for me all the time and she loves me unconditionally. I think the bond we have together is because of Jesus. She is my spiritual sister and I can tell her anything without her judging me. She loves me for who I am and i’m really grateful for that. Thank you Christin. I love you.


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1 Response to Day two,2,too,to,tu,투

  1. Mark Egli says:

    Ah! Such a cute picture!

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