30 Days Challenge~~~~

I decided that i really need to start blogging on a daily…sort of daily anyways basis and i thought this was a good start!!! Along with the 30 days, I am going to cut out soda,bread and ice cream from my diet. Every time i think of eating bread,drinking soda, i am going to blog and hopefully it will help me get by!!! ANYWAYS, without further ado, the first day.

A picture of yourself with 10 facts

1. I’m Jewish/Italian

2.I’m obsessed with Korea~

3.Don’t forget Korean Boys!

4.I’d like to get married soon

5.I love Gouda cheese

6.My best friend and I have a Claddagh ring together~

7.I really love Jesus, I’m trying to reconnect with him ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

8.I want to be a famous actress in Korea

9.I have a spongebob stuffed animal that i’ve had for about….9 years~ Love you Babssi~~

10.I really love Cherry Coke~~

Love Lella~~

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