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Day “3” sort of

Ah,,,,what a day it has been. A really meaningful relationship ended today. It’s difficult. Onto the Happy!!! I haven’t eaten any bread or ice cream or soda. I know I know,,,Ella, it’s only been 4 days…. SO WHAT! That’s such … Continue reading

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Day two,2,too,to,tu,투

So yesterday I thought I did really good with my Calories. I’m aiming at 1,400-1,450. However, I had a small butterfinger snickers blizzard made with chocolate ice cream. This is bad in two ways. Number 1. it’s over 670 calories( … Continue reading

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30 Days Challenge~~~~

I decided that i really need to start blogging on a daily…sort of daily anyways basis and i thought this was a good start!!! Along with the 30 days, I am going to cut out soda,bread and ice cream from … Continue reading

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