No man

I need to learn how to be a “No Man”

I am scared of the word no and what people will think of me when i say no, so i am often overly stressed, like now 😦

Maybe I have anxiety,,,yeah, that’s it. Actually , I know I have anxiety because I am easily stressed and if a lot of things are on my plate at once, I kind of,,,shut down

Last Night I didn’t sleep because I was online just as the earthquake hit Japan(8.9). A girl I’m subscribed to on Youtube had a livestream going and we were watching the japanese news on her tv and I was also watching about 3 other livestreams. It’s so surreal to think that it happened. Watching the tsunami hit the land is just so crazy. I wish I could go over and help the people, but I’m stuck here useless. I guess the only thing I can do is pray.


Also, I’m really struggling with my weight. I’m by no means ‘fat’ but I definitely feel that way. I’m stuck. There is a huge wall in front of me and I feel like it’s been there my entire life….What can I do to crush the wall and tear it down? I want freedom from this body, it’s just not who I want to be.  I’m paying for a gym membership that I’m not even going to because when I’m not doing anything like school or work, I just want to sleep. I know if I exercise I will feel tons better, I just can’t seem to push myself over there. CAN SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE????????? PLEASEEEE!!!! GET ME OUT!

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