From Flushing, With Love

Every night i fall asleep to the Nanny, you know, with Fran Drescher. I know, i know. Her voice is a little..well…it’s definitely an acquired taste. However, I feel like I can experience some of my Jewish heritage just by watching the show. I feel like she’s the Jewish Aunt I never had. Also, for my recent play, I had to have a Jersey dialect, so watching the show and actually falling asleep to the show made it effortless to speak with that tone/dialect. Bottom line is : Don’t take the Nanny for granted….or maybe that’s not it…whatever ^^

And now, I should be writing a paper on MAUS I: My Father Bleeds History. It’s a very good graphic novel, and again, deals with my Jewish heritage. It’s due tomorrow night at 11:59 pm and i’ve written one sentence…dang. stupid procrastination!

le sigh….

I think i’ll write in the morning.


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1 Response to From Flushing, With Love

  1. jenna says:

    hi ariella!

    i’m so glad i started blogging. it’s like therapy haha. hope you’re doing well.

    xoxo, j

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